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    About Us

    TecniTasa Centroamérica, S.A. (TTCA) is a Nicaraguan valuation company, endorsed by the Superintendencia de Bancos y Otras Instituciones Financieras (SIBOIF) and founding member of the Cámara Nicaraguense de Valuadores (CANIV).

    TecniTasa Centroamérica, S.A. (TTCA) was founded in 1999 by a group of independent professionals, with extensive knowledge of the real estate, whose objective was and continues to be, to reorganize the model of centralized valuation companies and dependent on financial groups, to establish an Independent, Objective and Reliable company.


    The company


    Years of experience

    More than 35,000 appraisals made


    Fundamental Pillars

    From any banking, Financial, Political and Economic group.

    Garantizada por la condición independiente de sus profesionales tasadores.

    Garantizada por la experiencia profesional acumulada, prudencia valorativa y constante capacitación.

    Basada en la constante y fluida comunicación hablada y escrita, además del avanzado soporte informático.

    Guaranteed by the presence of a network of appraisers in all departments of the country.

    There are 5 differential values that constitute the points of Continuous Improvement on which TecniTasa Centroamérica, S.A. base the fulfillment of its mission.


    What is it?

    "It is a technical opinion that analyzes various constructive, architectural, urban, market, income generation, physical condition and seniority factors, to determine the value of the good at a specific date." According to the Standard on Appraisal Experts that provide services to the institutions of the Financial System: “It is the technical tool to perform a valuation”; that is to say that it is the development of an opinion of value on a good based on Parameters, Principles and a Methodology.

    Who do we charge for?

    • Insurance companies.
    • Private businesses.
    • Investors
    • Liquidation Boards
    • Individuals in general.
    • Banks, private and state.
    • Cooperatives
    • State Companies
    • Financial entities
    • Associations

    What do we charge for?

    • Simple Query
    • Mortgage.
    • Pledge guarantee.
    • Buy-Sell Transactions
    • Secure buildings
    • Expropriations
    • Rental pricing.
    • Easements.
    • Bankruptcy
    • Successions
    • Judicial.
    • Payment in.
    • Patrimonial adjudication.
    • Capital contribution.
    • Tax payment.
    • Auction.


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