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    Within our main services we offer the valuation of all types of goods such as:


    Vacant lots -and with buildings-, lots, complete urbanizations, progress of works in
    Construction, Housing, Apartments, Offices, Commercial Premises.


    Rural land, Rustic wastelands - and with buildings -, Productive Farms.


    Buildings, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Hostels, Lodgings, Industrial Plants, Shrimp Farms, Free Zones, Warehouses, Office Buildings and Apartments, Bank Branches, Educational Centers (Colleges, Universities), Sports Facilities, Hospitals, Clinics, Restaurants, Airports, Wit, Benefits, etc.

    Movable property

    Industrial Machinery, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Vehicles in general, Special Equipment.

    nuestros clientes

    Other goods

    Watercraft, Aircraft, Semoviente, Inventory, Natural Resources, Furniture, Businesses in March, etc.

    Appraisals for NIIF

    TecniTasa has the specialized staff to determine the Valor Razonable de Activos No Financieros, in accordance with the accounting framework based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), complying with the Resolution Nº CD-SIBOIF-1020-1OCT10-2017 «NORMA PARA LA IMPLEMENTACION DEL MARCO CONTABLE PARA INSTITUCIONES BANCARIAS Y FINANCIERAS»; The above gives solid support to the figures and the peace of mind that the information contained in IFRS can be verified at any time.

    Other services

    Intangible Assets, Concessions, Feasibility of Real Estate Investments, Investigation, Inventory and Valuation of Assets, Calculations of Expropriation Values, Servitudes, Loss Profit, Cadastre, Appraisal School: Training Courses.

    Designs and elaboration of technical projects of works, Drafting of plans for the Public Administration, Realization of reports of urban situation, Opinion of Economic Technical Viability of urban projects.

    We know the value of things as a result of your trust!

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